About Us

Everyone living in Wigan borough should feel welcome…

Everything Human Rights is a Community Group offering a variety of services with the aim of promoting the wellbeing and integration of migrant ethnic minorities living in Wigan and Leigh.

Our mission stems from the belief that everyone living in the Wigan borough should feel welcome,  be given an equal chance to build a decent life, and know where and how to access support when necessary, regardless of their race, sex, language, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth or other status.

What We Do?

Promoting the wellbeing and integration of migrant ethnic minorities living in Wigan and Leigh. We offer;

  • Careers Advice
  • Personal Development
  • CV surgeries
  • Homework Club
  • Social Activities
  • Sign posting to specialist providers
  • Workshops to promote understanding of UK life, rights and responsibilities and community participation.
  • Opportunities, training and support to develop skills as peer supporters and volunteers.

Our aim is to;

  • To provide practical support for migrant communities in Wigan and Leigh.
  • To aid and promote integration.
  • To alleviate isolation and exclusion amongst migrant communities.
  • To encourage beneficiaries of our services to participate in volunteering activities and gain confidence.

Our Values

  • We believe in Respect, Dignity and Acceptance – please add a comma between respect and dignity.
  • We stand for what is Just and Right
  • We believe in Equality and Inclusion in all parts of society
  • We believe that Diversity offers richer and more meaningful life experiences
  • We believe in Respect, Dignity and Acceptance
  • We encourage and Embrace unique Differences within communities
  • We believe in being the Change we want to see in our community
  • We believe in Collaboration with other local organisations to achieve our goals
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