Everything Human Rights Community Group was born from a combination of lived experiences and extensive research involving conversations and general observations of day to day lives of non-English speaking migrants from diverse cultural backgrounds living in the borough of Wigan as they try to settle and build a life in the United Kingdom.

It was formed out of a passion to support and find solutions to the complex range of barriers faced by migrants on their journey to integrate into British Society. Most migrants settle and integrate successfully and have positive experiences in Britain, however, there are still vast numbers that find themselves faced with a lack of support leaving them disadvantaged in all aspects of their life.

Language barrier is one of the biggest problems faced because English is rarely a language spoken. As a result, accessing information and advice on a range of vital issues, such as immigration, education, training, employment, the law and housing/social welfare becomes a challenge. This leads to negative outcomes such as people living in isolation, poor health, poor educational attainment, unemployment, low income, low uptake of service provision, and a general lack of opportunity.

Although government legislation requires that welfare rights must be protected, migrants usually find themselves without any form of support for the complex range of issues they face. Everything Human Rights Community group was therefore set to fill this gap by helping to break down the barriers through sign posting and the offering of a range of free services that help bring down the barriers faced.

With a strong commitment to encourage positive change for all, we work tirelessly to champion social inclusion and community cohesion within society. We celebrate diversity, encourage integration, and create an empowering environment where personal development can flourish through positive participation in our projects, activities, and social events. We believe participating and contributing positively in local events and activities can help in understanding the community lived in and breaking down barriers that hinder positive and successful integration.

Drop in
We offer a ‘free of charge’ drop-in services at Leigh Tesco Community Space on Tuesdays from 15.30 – 17.30 and Thursdays 17.30 – 19.30. There is no need to book an appointment.
If you need some help please drop in and speak to one of our friendly volunteers.

Here’s a short list of the type of help we can offer:
• Homework club for children and young people
• CV writing
• Community events
• Information about local and national authorities
• Basic IT support
• Opportunities for volunteering and work placements
• Support with Employment search
• Sign posting
• Support with Personal Development

We empower families, individuals, children and young people by:
• Encouraging their positive participation in a range of activities.
• Enabling everyone to access educational and recreational opportunities.
• Building and maintaining sustainable community-based support networks.
• Breaking down any existing barriers in order to bring communities together.
• We encourage cohesion by ensuring that people understand and respect other people’s cultural norms, habits & customs.
• We inspire our young people to become the community leaders of tomorrow.

Partners and supporters:
National Lottery Community Fund
Answer Cancer
Wigan council (The Deal)
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisations (GMVCO)

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